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so last week heron mentions to me that some of hte guys are next yr renting a house together and do i want in? i said i'd think about it, and did just that. i decided i did in fact want in, but of course now it's full up. suck.
but nonetheless, i'm thinking now where do i want to live next year? not that i dont like woodruff but i'm gettin kinda tired of it.. i dunno. apparently steph leblanc is comin to the minis next year, whcih would be quite cool, and i think someoen else was thinkin about it but i forget. alot of people i dont know what theyre doing.. a whole bunch are in the house (biggie, godbout, weeks, bourque, smitty), auger's goin to france, laura and nastassia are in the gables, i am making a guess jake and geoff will be roomies, heron adn J are apt hunting still... dave still RAing? carter? i dont know

that's what i get for waiting, right? same as anything else

eat a bag of dicks

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