Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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i was exhausted around 6 today, so went to take a short nap. i woke up at 1am, and only cuz i had to pee


so fencing today wasnt as good as last week.. i was fencing well enough, but i couldnt focus.. so i dint do all that well. blah.. i started doin a lil better near the end, but paul only put me in once in the last round, against eskin who thoroughly demoralized me 5-0 :[ but at least doug beat him!

hee! a very drunk lauri just called, talking about how she won lord of the rings by asking about cucumber porn.. and wendy almost dropped me in her drink.. and something about bidding zeros that i didnt understand but was told to say yes.. it was a confusing call
heh, i remember when she was opposed to drinking, and speeding, and the other things she does now.....

i wonder sometimes how many hints i'm missing, from people. or how many i'm just ignoring maybe. or imagining

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