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well shit dood.... just lookin at the syllabi for my classes. i've got a paper due on:

and then

the 2 papers that are mroe seperate are 3-5 pgs, the others are 8 pgs. i really can't imagine having two 8 pg papers due in a row is going to work well, what with my extensive history of never procrastinating ever, no sir, not a bit. so yeah, that's gonna suck. and they're coming up already, bah....

o, and speaking of not procrastinating, starting my american lit hw now, and it turns out i'd slightly misread the syllabus when i looked at it before and figured it'd only take a few minutes. i saw the 3 reading assignments that are a couple pages each, but i missed the 60 page one.... grargjjaieljaeilfaehg

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