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it's like the newyears for love

music is played for love
cruisin' is made for love

ahhh this thing's draft saving powers apparently don't cover the current music *fixes, for the attributing of quotes and such*

and now, newness.. (plus the subject) (yes, the above came from last night.. i feel guilty making tiny posts just for links n stuff so i leave them in there til i fill it up with more junk)

so today defied expectations by not sucking, as valentines is wont to do. i woke up and did my american lit homework that i didnt want to do last night.. wrote a nifty 'jimmy eat world'esque song in my head on the way to class but forgot most of it by the time i got there to write it down (same happened in the shower last night.. and 6 million other times i've had a brilliant idea for something and then forgotten it before i could set it down somewhere. i reeeally need one of those lil portable recorder things).. class was vaguely interesting, i spent most of it looking sidelong at the awesome sketches the guy next to me was doodling in his notebook. he's really good
went to lunch.. heron randomly showed up, fretting about her mail (the unh postoffice lost the package J sent her for valentines.. nice of them. and she knows it got to unh cuz they signed for it).. finsihed food, heron went off to watch trading places. i still had time to kill before class so i went downstairs to see if jess was in muso, which indeed she was, talkin to some guy. so rather then go in, i say hi but keep walking... i have no idea why i did that :-/
so class, then dinner with heron adn nastassia, then aegis which was amusingly useless as the meetings have been lately. there is a week and a half til the deadline and we've gotten all of 5 submissions.. yay. hopefully a whole bunch show up soon. went upstairs with megan and jenn, saw some people, saw some more people, then even more people and i went to hang out with them for awhile - everyone coming out of 'serendipity'.. steph and jess and random guys i didnt know, then dave adn the twins
eventually i ended up back in woodruff where i made fun of figure skating with meg - who i should really start hangin out w/ more, shes all sorts of fun - and played twister (damn i suck.. i used to be good dangit! of course it didnt help that jordan - huge person - kept falling on everyone), then spaceghost, then onliney

mm so that was one of those "so today i did this, then i did this, then i did that, then i.." posts taht i generally dislike. good for me.

so yeah, today was an excellent day. i should have more of those.

i feel like i'm forgetting something important i was going to say

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