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we are to be the crackheads

ClarnetGrl (10:30:12 PM): it is for the booing, this daniel
King Nixon (10:30:45 PM): why am i for the booing??
King Nixon (10:31:04 PM): i am to be wanting to be for hte not booing
ClarnetGrl (10:31:06 PM): for the scaring!!!
King Nixon (10:31:24 PM): [aim has no confused face smileys. pretend there's a picture of me being confused]
ClarnetGrl (10:32:13 PM): boo! eek!
King Nixon (10:32:53 PM): ohhhhhhhh that kind of booing
King Nixon (10:33:01 PM): i thought it was a boo of disaproval

in other news, i now owe princessashi[1] $1.50 worth of sex, which she may redeem at her convenience. so right now, she's much cooler than all of you

[1] well i'm a DUMAS. i just noticed that her name wasnt showing up, and checked why. apparently rather than write <lj user=princessashi> i just wrote <princessashi>. close enough...

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