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so now ya know

'Cause I'm hanging on every word you say
And even if you don't wanna speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me
'Cause I want nothing more
Than to sit outside Heaven's door
And listen to you breathing

this song is beautiful

so anywayz.. turns out that while most things came thru the computer transmutation unscathed, my addressbook has unaccountably lost my forwardees list (not the entry, mind you, just the actual list of people). this was a buncha people who i would send random amusing things i find, in email. some people i havent talked to in years, who i still send things, cuz i never bothered editting the list. but anywayz, it's gone now. so i'm considering posting things here somewhere. either right here, or i'd make a new journal for the random crap (mostly jokeaday and its ilk, but things come from all over. moreso when i venture onto usenet). if i made a new journal, i'd probly stick all my random links and shit there too, which means i'd have to start coming up with actual content for my journal. hmm. but anyway, let's get some consensus-- should i not post the bad jokes, stick em in here, or elsewhere?

Poll #20049 it is to laugh

where's the funny?

no funny.
here's the funny.
there's the funny.

just cuz i wanted a 2nd question.. what is the coolest hat you have ever seen in person?

hmm i just got spam addressed to that sounds like someone with a thick accent trying to say my last name, that's cute :]

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