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February 20th, 2002

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12:57 am - get down make love
King Nixon (12:41:25 AM): alot of people tonite have been signing off unexpectedly
stgegodess (12:41:59 AM): set them aflame
King Nixon (12:42:32 AM): but theyre offline now! i have not the access to them
stgegodess (12:43:14 AM): use your psychical 'bilities
King Nixon (12:44:01 AM): *becomes drew barrymore. sets them aflame*
stgegodess (12:44:38 AM): yay! they're made a sequel to that where drew barrymore's little girl character is grown up with brown hair and is not drew barrymore.
King Nixon (12:45:34 AM): er, you are multi-tensed. is this sequel already made or being made?
King Nixon (12:45:50 AM): i've never seen the 1st one actually....
stgegodess (12:46:16 AM): I dont know. I think yes. I read the book. I tihnk I may have seen the movie, but not consciously. just inthe background. and I saw the end
King Nixon (12:46:56 AM): they shoulda got drew for the sequel, cuz she's sexiness now that she's not a small child
King Nixon (12:47:12 AM): the most i've been exposed to the movie is reading the back of hte box at blockbuster
stgegodess (12:47:16 AM): yuh. but its produced by scifi channel. so no money.
King Nixon (12:47:24 AM): ah
King Nixon (12:47:26 AM): damn
King Nixon (12:47:33 AM): well she should just come make out with me then
stgegodess (12:47:47 AM): I don't see you with Drew.
King Nixon (12:47:50 AM): damn
stgegodess (12:47:58 AM): you get a short brunette girl
King Nixon (12:48:15 AM): hmm
stgegodess (12:48:16 AM): or dishwater blonde maybe.
King Nixon (12:48:33 AM): that's most of the girls i know
stgegodess (12:48:43 AM): with perky b cup boobs and tiny waist and no butt.
King Nixon (12:48:47 AM): lol
King Nixon (12:49:01 AM): i see
King Nixon (12:49:05 AM): why is this?
King Nixon (12:49:21 AM): so shall i go around asking girls their cup size now, to make sure they fit hte mold?
stgegodess (12:49:41 AM): because thats the sort of girl I see with you. its hard not to be able to tell, danny.
King Nixon (12:50:00 AM): i dont know cup sizes at a glance, i'm afraid
stgegodess (12:50:20 AM): we'll have a special session when youre here. a workshop!
stgegodess (12:50:24 AM): brb
King Nixon (12:50:27 AM): hurrah!
King Nixon (12:50:40 AM): a hands-on workshop?
stgegodess (12:53:44 AM): no! thats dirty.
King Nixon (12:53:51 AM): well that was the point
stgegodess (12:54:04 AM): but I'll teach you to be a good estimator on sight.
King Nixon (12:54:37 AM): excellent
stgegodess (12:55:54 AM): it will be fun!

(i would just like to note, for any short brunette/dishwater blonde perky b cup boobed tiny waisted no butted girls reading, that drew barrymore is not my only choice, and feel free to offer your girlfriend services)
state: stgegodess (12:57:16 AM): whee!
np: Garbage - #1 Crush

(en garde!)

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