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from technodummy:
there are these funny blokes in Queensland who call themselves the australian beach ice hockey team (or something similar)... they challenge a team from somewhere in the world every year... and every year the other team doesn't turn up...

and so every year, they go down to the beach, all dressed up, and try to get a puck to stop sinking in the waves...

after a while, they give up, and announce themselves the world champions of beach ice hockey... because [insert country here] did not show up, and they win by default...

much like pudding, there is never a bad time for jello

re: my poll. the only thing here that woudln't be moved to a jokejournal if such thing was created is the jello comment. so you know what's involved here
it occurs to me i coudl make it a community and let everyone post their random junk. that could be fun

i will go again someday, but for now i'm comin' down

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