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on being ghetto

King Nixon (2:58:56 AM): apparnelty for my portfolio i have to write one of those 'how this class changed me and made me a wonderful writer' type things. cept the class was useless, i'm debating whether to BS or just say it sucked
DrumFlt (2:59:17 AM): say it sucked, and say it well
King Nixon (2:59:26 AM): lol. "this class sucked. the end"
DrumFlt (2:59:51 AM): no. "this class was not my style yo. the end."
King Nixon (2:59:55 AM): hell, i may do that. id ont think its worth anything in our actual grade
King Nixon (3:00:05 AM): ah yes, how coudl i have forgotten the yo
King Nixon (3:00:07 AM): that makes the paper
DrumFlt (3:00:09 AM): yo
DrumFlt (3:00:14 AM): yo yo yo, g
King Nixon (3:00:28 AM): yoyo, g funk biatch in da hood
King Nixon (3:00:35 AM): and shit
DrumFlt (3:00:41 AM): word to your mother
DrumFlt (3:00:49 AM): home boy
King Nixon (3:00:53 AM): hehe. we're so black
DrumFlt (3:01:08 AM): ghetto, g, ghetto
King Nixon (3:01:44 AM): aw yeah! ghetto as.. uhmm.. jesus
King Nixon (3:01:56 AM): he was down wit' the street
DrumFlt (3:02:08 AM): J.C is wit' me

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