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of course

well that didnt take very long. my computer is already fucked up again. LGIEJFLIEQHFOUEWHFO*#YERHEFIUSEGFIUESHFKDSA!!!!!!!!

i figured it'd be a good idea not to take chances and back up my stuff in case something went wrong again. so i'm doing so, onto a cd-rw, and i start fiddling with the briefcase thingy on the desktop. anyway, the briefcase decided for no reason at all that, in order to make my files up to date with themselves (?? i hadnt done anything to them) it had to delete some of them. i think i only lost my nes savegames. which basically means crystalis cuz i don't know where any of the other saves even came from. so i have to start that all over again if i want to beat it. anyway tho, the main problem - so i copy a ton of stuff onto the cd, check that it showed up ok, and delete a few things off my comp (bear in mind the briefcase is not at all involved in this process). then, in going to copy something else onto the cd, i notice that of everything i copied onto there the only thing listed anymore is 2 folders. the rest of it just won't show up. but getting the properties of the cd lists there being 400ish mb used, which is far more than those 2 folders, so the rest of the info is in there somewhere. it just won't give it to me. plus, looking in the cd, it's got those 2 folders there and no files outside them, but says that there is 13kb in there, coming apparently from nowhere. and windows explorer/folders will not update themselves no matter what i'm doing in them until i hit update view. so yeah, it's all fucked up

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