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February 25th, 2002

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07:55 pm - nerdlinger!
so in linguistics today, we were discussing whether or not the klingon language followed human grammatical rules.

we're too cool for school

(o yeah, and apparently klingon was designed by a linguist, and was made specifically to be unlike any human languages. no real languages have the word order start with object, for example. but there are rules how the object gets there: it's a transformation rule in the same way a noun gets its theta role[1]. so in a twisty way, it actually does follow human grammar. i want to make a language which truly doesn't. perhaps replace verbs with adjectives? i'm not sure where the tense would go tho, among other things)

[1] verbs tell nouns what sort of action they perform in each sentence, but they can only do it to noun phrases next to them, so if a noun is far from the verb, like "he may walk to the store" (where walk is the main verb), it actually begins like "may he walk to the store" and does not move to the front of hte sentence until later in the process.
i swear this class gets more confusing every day. i understand most of it individually, but she tosses out so many ideas in each class it's impossible to keep up
np: Critical Mass - Happy Generation

(en garde!)

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