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so i finally got around to dling the 2 new tracks from the "thick as thieves" rerelease. i don't like them very much :-/ disapointing
the only particularly good part of either of them is the chorus of "us against the world"

we're in this all together

in other news, i fiiiinally got around to dling onyx - slam. i've been meaning to get this forever and i kept forgetting it. mmm oldskool


i tried sleeping for bout a half hr around 5 but just lay there, that sucked. yeah for paperwriting..

it'll be even more fun doing this again tonight. NO SLEEP EVER

thank god i've got nothing due til april after that. /school is weird/

you can hear the queen of the damned soundtrack here. you can definitley hear jon davis' influence in all the songs he wrote (the ones with the singers from some other band), and it turns out when someone else tries to sing his tunes they sound really shitty. go figure

[biohazard did a remix of this? hee!]

this pointless post about mp3s brought to you by the letter i'm very bored and the number i'm also very tired

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