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i made another attempt at getting a short amount of sleep, and succeeded quite well this time. i had fascinating dreams, of a sort
at first, i kept falling into this half dream state where i felt just as if i was lying in bed waiting to fall asleep, and in my mind i was picturing my room as it normally is, but there would be something terribly odd about it that i wasnt consciously doing, so i knew i was in fact asleep. it also gave my body a very tingly feeling for some reason. the 1st time, there was this lil fairy thing flyin around my face. i wasnt as asleep as i wanted to be, so i figured i'd try and get it to make me sleep deeper. the way it decided to do this was pump something down my throat, then stick a vacuum cleaner on my nose. (i have no idea). it didnt seem to be working very well, which is all moot as i was woken up a second later by one of hte oddest things ive ever felt - i can only describe it as being struck in the face by a sound wave. mostly in the left eye and surrounding area. i felt a sudden pulse of pressure and didnt exaclty see anything, but it was like a heat ripple in the air. i went in and out of that state a few times (the asleep but not very much) and eventually actually went fully asleep and dreaming. i cant remember what i dreamt now, but i imagine it was pretty weird. all i can remember is that at one point i broke into jeff's house looking for him at 3 in the morning, then i was using my computer in what i thoguht of as teh dorm but seems to have been the lobby of some resort hotel. my computer was locking up, and it was fixed by a homeless leprechaun who had me dl some program that fixed errors in the 'close program' menu
i wish i could just plug my head into something when i slept to record my dreams

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