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February 27th, 2002

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01:00 am - kiss me or kill me
i'm ludicrous. i cant believe i just wasted that much time tonight when i have that fucking paper hanging over my head. i guess one night of no sleep wasnt enough
the least i coulda done was waste the time on something useful, or at least something i WANTED to do. i always stubbornly get into these ideas that i need to finish something that i really dont, and i spend a bunch of time on stupid shit that way cuz i refuse to stop until i'm done
dinner was fun, anyway. i think i'll just move into the mub. but most of the time theres no one else there when i go cuz i always do everything at weird times

o yeah, and that instant oatmeal stuff i got from philly on the fly is really gross, too. i miss my chef boyardee lasagna but they never get that anymore
i'm nostalgic over bad microwave food? ugh, i'm officially worthless
state: coma
np: Queen - My Baby Does Me

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Date:February 26th, 2002 10:48 pm (UTC)
wow, your night was just like mine. i feel like a fucking moron, myself..

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