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well, looks like i have a lot to catch up on in here, don't i.. well let's see.. so saturday, of course, was mini fest. it was much fun. the bands were varied, some sucked, some were good. there was a metal band, their own songs weren't bad, they did a good cover of deftones "root" and a terrible cover of staind "it's been awhile". the singer was wearing a cat in the hat hat, which was amusing. then there were these 2 guys on accoustics just doing these long medleys of random songs, they were hilarious. the whole thing was improvised too, they were just really good. and i had much fun boucning in the bouncy house, despite somehow managing to skin my elbow, which hurt. but whtaever, it scabbed over, and i went back to bouncing (and opened it up again cuz i'm smooth, but yeah). and there was cotton candy adn popcorn, yumyum.
then i went down to londonderry (o yeah, and i once again forgot taht the shuttles weren't running saturdays cuz i'm a moron.. but this time i just bit the bullet and walked to the damn car. grr), and lauri drove us back up to manchester in her dad's car. yay for her being able to drive now. and now i understnad why she was always so afraid when i was driving, cuz her driving was quite scary. but somehow we survived. we saw "carmina burana" at the palace, twas good. i love that music.. i kept drifting off, tho, i was tired. so then, after that, we rented.. um.. something i forget now, and watched it at her house. oh yeah! "what lies beneath". it was gorgeously done, hte directing was excellent, but a st00pid plot/script. so i get back around 2am i think.. park in the philly lot.. walking back to my dorm, i see there's an ambulance in the mini circle. apparently some kid in anotehr dorm got wiiiiicked drunk and was running around yelling for his mommy. awww..
sunday was more bouncing and more bands. i missed the 1st, which was some guy on his accoustic.. then there were 2 crappy skapunk bands, and 1 wicked good skapunk band (the skatistics). i liked them a lot, the last one.and of course i once again forgot to move my car cuz i rule. that night i had to finish up my crit analysis portfolio, so i didn't get ot bed til real late.
calc the next day was useless, esp considering it was the last class we'd have.. crit analysis was too, but in a more fun way. we just sat around talking about the semester. move my car afterwards, and once again i somehow managed to avoid ticketing. it seems they don't get around to checking hte philbrook lot til later in the day. myth was myth. now, monday night was the last official fencing practice of the year, so i wanted to go. it was at 8. so around 6:45 i go to dinner. in philbrook, sitting there eating with some people, at about 7:10 i get a reeeeally bad back spasm. it was so sudden too. like, during the motion of bringing a fry from my plate to my mouth, suddenly my back freezes and hurts to hell and i'm having trouble breathing. that was shitty. i figured it was like what i used to get back in teh day and it woudl go away in an hour or so. so i hobble back to my dorm and sit down and wait. but it's not going away. tried a hot shower, ice, sitting, standing, lying down. it wasn't going anywhere. now obvoiusly like this i coudln't do my prose journal, which was due tuesday, seeing as i coudlnt sit for more than like 15 minutes at a time. i slept for like 2 hours at a time, then i would wake up and have to get up for a bit. for some reason it took a minute for each position to be painful, so if i walked for a minute i could lie back down and sleep a little more. anywayz, tuesday i get an apt at health services and they check me out. apparently i pulled a muscle in my back - presumably in hte bouncy house, but who knows - which caused it to spasm. fun fun. but the doc gave me motrin and flexeril (a muscle relaxent) so things are all good now. but anyway, i didn't get back from that til like 4, obvoiusly not enough time to finsih the portfolio. so i asked nastassia to tell the teacher i'd broken myself and i'd get it to her wednesday. and so i did, a littl ebefore 7 today i slid it under her door. yay for me. i had 2 papers to whip out for it.. the 1st was the shittiest thing ever.. but the other, whcih was the main big paper, was friggin cool, i thouht. it's the story most recently posted in my writing journal. i like it a lot, but i can tell the teacher will hate it. but nuts to her, i'm not gonna worry about it. then i brought back the fencing equipment i had borrowed during the year, so all i have left now is my glove and my cup. the bag was so much lighter coming back from that......
and yes i know i forgot to post yesterday :-[
anyways, i know this post sucked. but i had like 4 days of stuff to get in, and i'm tired so i wanna go to sleep. goodnight moon

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