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speaking of

so this paper sucks. we had 3 options for topic, all relating to liz browning. the 1st was almost a nonquestion - comparing her depiction of beauty to petrarch's. cept that she never says a damn thing about robert being attractive or not. it just doesnt come up. so i have no idea what he expects people to say to that. i'm doin the 2nd one, i already said. there's no way i have 8 pgs worth to say about this tho, it's gonna be a whole lotta bull. the 3rd option was the only one that is probly worth the size of hte paper - compare the portrayal of love in teh sonnets to their actual letters. but i didnt feel like rereading all the letters cuz theyre ungodly boring. for professional writers, they cant communicate for shit in letter form.

ya know.. "death cab for cutie" really has to be one of my favorite band names. theyre pretty good too, if very bland. i just really love the name tho

wasn't that some b movie? death cab. i'm pretty sure

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