Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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i like how my computer is continually getting more free space despite me not deleting anything.. or do i not like that? hopefully it's not eating important files without telling me, which i woudlnt put past it at this point. so where DID that extra gig of space come from? urgh

in other news, i have simultaneously hit running out of anything to say in my paper and a massive distractability zone, so i dunno how i'm going to fill the rest of it. this question just isnt worth 8 pages dammit (o, turns out i had a minor miscalculation when i was saying how 2400 words was so much smaller. different size font i was looking at and whatnot. 2400 words is probably a lil over 8 pgs actually). if anyone has something good to say about elizabeth barret browning's portrayal of bodies, feel free to pass it along

why would such violent music be so calming? mmm

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