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lightning to a lightning bug

this story isn't very good, but i noticed something terribly striking in it. it's about someone attempting suicide adn then changing their mind at the last second.. so her wrist is cut, and she washes the blood off, stitches it up (herself, so no one asks questions). then she meant to say - i assume - that she wrapped her wrist with a bandage so itd look sprained and no one would see the stitches. but instead of typing she wrapped her wrist, she typed that she raped her wrist.

i just sat there for a couple minutes staring at the words

there's power there, it's like rolling dice. this is a word near another word and here's a meaning you didnt expect. this is a layer of something else.
the problem is, i dont know how to use this. this was either a typo or looked like one, and should i try the same thing, it would merely look like a typo. a fortuitous one, perhaps, but all the same that's not what i want. is there a way to intentionally make mistakes so people can tell?




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