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dope nose

i've always found this song to be slightly creepy but i don't know why

linguistics was a mindfuck today, as always. the thing of it is - well there's 2 things of it (haha that makes no sense, i'll try again..). ok, there's 2 reasons that class is crazy

1) there's SO MUCH stuff. it's not that there's a huge amount of rules to keep track of or whatever, but in the sentence diagrams - which is the majority of what we're doing - it's like having a whole math proof in one line. there's 7 billion lines pointing everywhere and random traces of whatever and abbreviations for 6000 things and my head goes *bing!* and falls off. it's kinda like fencing - there's always exactly 1 more thing to keep track of than i can do. right now hte problem is passive construction, which i always forget to look for, then mysteriously run out of theta roles and i get all confused. speaking of fencing, i still havent been since taking last week off. i want to, but not enough to actually go. guh

2) it's all so complex. not like "i can't follow it" complex, but like "this shouldn't work" complex. let me make a nerd comparison now: back before we knew stuff and people were trying to figure out the solar system's revolutions (thinking still that earth was the center of it all of course), they couldn't figure out why things seemed to change their directions all the time. so some guy (keplar?) made this whole big theory of how everythign was moving in these epicycles which basically involved circles on top of circles and crazy rollercoaster moves. when someone pointed out a problem with this theory, he solved it by adding more epicycles. it didn't take long for this to all get massively complex with a jillion circles all over the place of things spinning around each other crazily. the striking thing tho, was that it all worked. absurd as it looked, it adequately predicted where everything was going (as far as they knew), which was essentially teh only test of a theory they had. then gallilleo or whoever it was, said hey wait, earth is orbitting the sun! and after the church got thru torturing him and realized he was right, suddenly there was a vastly simpler theory of how everything was working.
anyway, getting back to the point, that's how i feel about linguistics right now. the theory we have (or the theory i'm being taught at any rate) works well enough, but to account for everything there are all these strange rules made which don't seem to have any relevance other than trying to explain a hole in their theory (an amusing aspect of the theory is that if there are any exceptions whatsoever, it proves everything wrong). so it all comes out feeling extremely pointlessly complex. it seriously feels to me like this is the crackpot way of doing it, where it works but doesn't seem like it should, and if we just figure out what's really going on it will all be so much simpler.
so my plan is to be super genius linguistics kid and fix everything. but that won't happen.

we're reading idylls of the king now in victorian lit, it's hella cool. i love king arthur stuff. (even if krasner does keep making fun of excalibur, the big jerk. that movie is great)

and as always, of course, i'm putting off all my obligations. the internet is so good for that

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