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i dont know why, but i have found lately that i really like being called someone's pal. that is a charming word

well diggity damn.. it seems clive barker's story "down, satan!" [1] was sorta based on a real guy: h. h. holmes, who got rich stealing corpses and then built a giant torture mansion to kill tourists from the world fair. that is crazy shit. rain19 linked to a serial killer site, i was reading thru ti for way longer than i should have. i really dont understand things like that - are normal rational people capable of that? if not, what does it take to make someone.. irrational? or are you just born into it. what do you do with someone like that? a true sociopath for example. you can't really punish them, any more than you could punish someone for having blond hair: it can't be helped. so do they live in prison their whole life? i mean, there was 1 girl listed there who was like 11 and she and a friend were off killing people.

what the hell is with this 033102 thing i keep seeing? all i can think is it's a date - 03/31/02. but what's happening the 31st? mmm culty

and now, ha!

[1] that story, if i remember, was 7 pages long. i like really short stories, like 10 pgs and under. anyone got recomendations?

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