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riiight - here is where i live

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May 11th, 2001

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10:10 am - riiight
the calc final wasn't bad.. i predict a C+ on that, and a B in the class.. there were a couple problems i had no idea on. what's the derivative of arcsin? and i still don't know the product/quotient rules for intergration. meh. but overall, it wasn't a killer test, so yay for me.
and here's the email i got today from my prose teacher, in resopnse to my resopnse to her 1st one last nite: "Thanks, Dan, I thought I just didn't record your grade, but I had to make sure. As for the book, I remember you showing it to me in your conference. You're all set." hmmm. she could've just asked what grade i'd gotten on it.. o well, i'm all good now. yay for dan.
i will now play nintendo (hooray for emulators!) for an hour, then get lunch.
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(en garde!)

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