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my new mission in life is to use the word "bombdiggity" as often as possible. it doesn't stop being funny!

do i speak really quietly or something? or am i not assertive enough? dicks? in a group of people, if me and someone else are trying to talk at the same time, either we talk over each other and what i say is ignored, or hte other person goes 1st and i dont get a chance to follow up after. it's so frustrating

on a that plus lots of other things note, i hate feeling second rate. i'd much rather be hated than tolerated, ambiguity just lets my mind swallow itself, as it likes to do, and then i'll end up spending 3 hours staring at the walls depressing myself.
which brings up steph leblanc. not that i think she dislikes me, but i saw her today and she was talkin about similar from teh other pov[1]. i'd forgotten how fun she is. i almost never see her, she's always hiding somewhere when i pop in at the stephroom, and even when kidding she always comes off seriousish online. but yeah, whee! we started the lamest foodfight ever

my heart says looooooove the world! o god, this song is too cute. i fuckin love this guy, he's awesome (thank you jamie for linkying me to his mp3 site, or telling me to go there, or whatever the hell you did. i know this was your fault somehow). i hope his voice isnt truly this dopey tho. i don't know why he randomly has this happy love song and then everything else is whacked out (i love "bitten to death by rats"). he's like atom and his package with more guitar and less whiny jewish guy voice (note: this is not a criticism of atom, who pulls off whiny jewish guy very well, just a comment. they are both for the yay)

[1] about some guy who she didnt particularly mind but didnt really like either. and he was making a pest of himself, being around a lot mroe than she wanted, and she told him to go away. my 1st thought is "aw thats mean!", but i realize that's exactly what people SHOULD do.

so if anyone secretly hates me[2], say so or unfriend me or kill the president or something. ya know.

[2] as i'm often convinced people do

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