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yeah.. today started off crap-ed but became rock. it was a night of fitful naps between reading cuz i'm retarded and was online all night so dint start the reading til too late. then went to american lit and he babbled more than usual so i could spend most of the class doodling and writing bad song lyrics.
then came back here and discovered that i lost all my drafts of "deep colors bleed". that pisses me off, i had a lot of notes and such for how i wanted to revise that. i dont know where they woulda gone ? but whatever. i really wanna submit something to aegis this semester (one of the benefits of editorship, you can slip things in past the submission date)(well i already submitted 2 poems, but i'd liek to get some storys in there, we never get enough of those, especially if you throw out the outright shitty ones[1]).
so then i went to world civ wherein i fell asleep 4 times. luckily nastassia was there to punch me whenever i did. but i was out of it for most of the class. i tried reading a handout at 1 point and i was hallucinating what it said. i'd read sentences that werent there a moment later and i'd see things in bold when there really werent any. strange. and i wasnt tired at all before i went to class, adn not much when i left. f?!
so yeah. then was aegis. lotsa reading and amusement. then theatersports. they used my really shitty suggestion ("panda" for a rap topic.. tho it did result in the lovely cuplet "i live in a cage / i have nicholas rage" which i think is really cool) and ignored all the good stuff i yelled. but i got to play freeze so it's all good. and i didnt get tapped out when i was frozen the 1st time so i was up doubly long. w00t [2]
then went to see the end of the concert - gruvis malt. they were wicked good, like dmb crossed with incubus, really energetic live show. i liked em, got the cd. i havent listened to it yet but i get the feeling it will be a lot more mellow

[1] we've gotten some hilariously bad stuff this semester. there's this poem entirely devoted to pondering if eagles screw while theyre flying thru the air. only he's trying to pull it off as a romantic metaphor. and it's all really bad, and badly rhymed, and amusing as all fuck (i would assume he meant it as a joke, but all the stuff he submitted is this bad, just not this funny). adn there's some stuff that's just crazy.. one story about a guy who dies and his wife(?) goes nuts and pulls her heart out cuz she thinks she stole his, and one about how to avoid paying traffic tickets thru suicide.

[2] i think i'm gonna ask will how that all goes, for being part of theatersports. i woudl really love to try out, but i dont have gobs of free time to invest and i refuse to do any of the sing/rap things cuz i suck death at coming up with rhymes onthespot

yeah, you all definitely needed to know all that. absolutely.
o yeah, jordan IMed me tonite askin for an invite code. we're gonna be having a big woodruff party on here before too long, ha!

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