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welcome to awesometown. population: me - here is where i live

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March 10th, 2002

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03:01 am - welcome to awesometown. population: me
as days have had a tendency to do lately, today started off lame and got good. sara had a play comp today that i wanted to go to, to cheer her on and such, adn just hang out cuz i never see her. but i felt like crap when i woke up (10ish, cuz i had to be down in salem by noon), so i just went "guhhhh", rolled over, and slept til 2:30. eventually i schlubbed out of bed and .. did something. i forget what my afternoon consisted of. went to dinner at 4:30 cuz i was hungry cuz i hadnt eaten all day, saw jess there (being not any of the 3 jesses mentioend here recently. and there's more where that came from! god i know a lot of jesses) and went with her to her friend's senior piano recital thing cuz it sounded cool - more on that in the next post.
next event of note is going to the show in hte mub, but that also goes to the next post. after the show i went to the casino thing they were doin down the hall (ah, convenience). gambling rules! or a buck i get 5000 in chips, and i went and hit up the blackjack, cuz i don't know poker and the only other game was roulette which bores me. it was fun times - i kicked ass and got up to like 12000, then lost a ton and was down to 3100 on the last hand. the max bid is 1000 so i put that, then doubled down, and got 21! w00t. so i end with 5100, with a whopping 100 profit. anyway, the point of all this illicet gambling is to win tickets for the midnight prize auction [1]. 100-5000 earns 1 ticket, 5100-10000 earns 2, so i just squeaked in to getting 2. plus the one i got for ponying up my dollar to get in gives me 3 tickets. and hot damn if i didn't win with all three! =)
i didn't get any of the exciting grand prizes[dvd player, discman, tv, mp3 player], or even any of the really good cheap prizes [cds, dvds, etc]. but hey, for a buck i am super pleased.... i got a red hook brewery tshirt (how fashionable), 10$ in "moe money" for moe's italian sandwiches where i've never eaten but hopefully it's good, and 10$ gift certificate to the big bean cafe in newmarket which i've never even heard of. but apparently they have good breakfasts. anyone wanna take a trip to newmarket some morning?

[1] this was neither an auction nor held at midnight. good job, that.

ps: happyhappy-- kickass show tomorrow. kith, sellouts (last show ever), 5bucks, drexel, someone else. club euphoria. gonna kick ass sideways. i'm definitely in the mood for a kith show
hmm it occurs to me i've only seen the sellouts once before, and i never got around to listening to their cd. i should do that, so i can know songs! if i'm never gonna see em again..
state: my winning ways
np: Paul Oakenfold - Freefall - Skydive

(2 shots upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:March 9th, 2002 11:58 pm (UTC)
i bet i felt more shitty than you this morning.. i apparently had 15 straight shots of rum last night..
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Date:March 10th, 2002 09:18 pm (UTC)
impressive! i had some carrot sticks..

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