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ok, here's the thing..... i don't like my life as it stands. ok, not my life itself so much as me living it. so there's gonna be some changes when i get back from break.

* i will be toning down my time spent on the net. screw tandp (that didn't last very long at all, did it). i'll still be here, but not as much. and i'll still be on aim. but i spend too long staring at this damn screen in my damn room and i don't like it.
* i will write at least a page every day. even if it sucks. which it probably will: i discovered today that i've forgotten how to not suck at writing. i will relearn.
* i will play the guitar more, cuz i like it and should. and apparently gill wants me to teach her to play, so yeah. (of course, i've had like 4 people ask me to teach them and then not bother, but she seems into it)

there's more things i will try to do. but i won't declare them cuz i don't know that i'll be able to follow thru and i will not disapoint myself on this.

life is a frame of mind.

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