Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

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What Flavour Are You? I taste like Peanut Butter.I taste like Peanut Butter.

I am one of the most blendable flavours; I go with sweet, I go with sour, I go with bland, I go with anything. I am practical and good company, but have something of a tendency to hang around when I'm not wanted, unaware that my presence is not welcome. What Flavour Are You?

ya know, that is definitely a trend in my life. i'm always being told that i'm not any particular type or group or style or what have you, i go with whatever (this is usually about people, but yes). i'm undefinable and uncategorizable, i'm told. i spose generally this is good: i can fit in anywhere. but on the other hand, i don't belong anywhere.
and that last bit is definitely true - i never have any idea when to leave

173 bytes/sec?? why the hell is my computer dling so slowly

in other news, this song is wheeee you don't wanna fuck with chino, cuz chino will fuckin kill you! ahh!

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