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let's get fluffy

jamie, i saw this and immediatley thought of you. everyone else look too tho, cuz it's rawk

You are Civilian Calvin!
You don't get to travel much outside your neighborhood, but you still manage to get in plenty of trouble. When you're not acting up, you like to wax philosophical.
Take the What Calvin are You? Quiz by!

i was trying to remember the name of this song for the longest time, and now i finally have, and i can't remember what i wanted to remember it for
sublime - we're only gonna die for our arrogance

after the longest time of having only 2 gwenmars mp3s and loving them mightily, i finally got a ton more. turns out "neon tom" is like most of their stuff and "she hung the moon" is the exception, which is a shame as i love that song more. but nonetheless, they rule and it's good boppity rock whcih i can't think to compare to anything but they're awesome dammit
and i got some more silverman as i also only had 2 of their excellent songs, haven't listened to any of the new ones yet tho.

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