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thought for the day.. this is one of the comments from the latest issue of heroic stories which you should all subscribe to if you havent [tho apparently their site is down right now. you can still subscribe by emailing ]
Moe in California: "Thank you for HS #290. Many people think that asking others for help is burdensome. Years ago, it occurred to me how much I got out of helping others and realized how selfish (!) it is to keep my problems to myself. The trick is to share the problem without expectations, in a way that lets others volunteer or not. It takes courage but is so gratifying to give people the opportunity. Most of the time, all they need to do is listen. Accepting kindness from others makes me better able to help when it's my turn."

as kendra predicted, i'm seeing jack everywhere now. i swear i saw like 5 people today i was sure, for just a moment, were him. what the fuck? people didn't used to look like him..

one thing i realized in nc is that i've been very deprived in my life of good pets. every cat my family has had - except one, who was longhair and b0rked me and my mom's allergies and we had to get rid of her after like 2 weeks - has been largely antisocial. not that they actively avoid people (usually), but if you go over and pet her (her being murgy, cat current) she'll be happy enough, but not terribly friendly. she stands there and enjoys it. very rare will she come up to you for no reason and be lovey. i remember a period in hs - a month, maybe - where she would come into my room every night when i was going to bed and curl up in bed with me. it was so sweet, that made me happy. but she stopped as suddenly and unexplainedly as she started

viva la 200 dollars for doing squat! lyzi informed me today that she had applied at cumberland farms and listed me as her reference. since cumbys has one of those "find us new slaves and get a bonus" thing going, if she's there long enough i get 200 bucks, to fritter away pointlessly as usual.

we made final cuts in aegis tonight. i got SO SHAFTED, oh god. i lost almost every vote. everthing i liked dint get in, everythign i hated did. bastards, all of them! everyone noticed it too, it was funny. colleen said she felt bad, but not bad enough to change her votes. damn them and their divergent opinions! but it wasnt a total loss, both of my poems got in. w00t! tho not my story, which they said was too repetitive and unedited (tho i'll point out the version i submitted is more editted than the one currently online, it still has a long way to go) and confusing and such. (it was 1 vote short of getting in, i think) of course, they said much the same abotu the poems. and they were right on all counts. editing is definitely my weak point (well for stories. for poems, having a coherent point is my weak point. i just write neat-sounding nonsense more than not. it always has a point in my head tho, don't get me wrong, it's just not expressed thru what i actually write in teh slightest)

Which NIRVANA song are you?

yay i'm trendy
i'm also eeeeevil!

All ducks aren't sweet and innocent and you prove that. You have a nasty streak.

Find your inner rubber ducky.

Take the What Kind of Slacker are you? Quiz

suppose i can't deny that

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