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stolen from mad who stole it from dilbert:
Now let's talk about the unfortunate employees of Enron. If those employees are like most employees, they've been making personal phone calls on company time, stealing office supplies, fudging expense reports, lying about their accomplishments and using sick days for vacations. Compare that to the executives who allegedly stole hundreds of millions of dollars. The philosophical question to consider is this: Are the executives LESS honest or just MORE effective?

I tried out that philosophical question with some of my friends the other day and they informed me that stealing from a company is okay if you think the company deserves it and you take less than $1,000 per year. Now when my friends leave my house, I do a full inventory.
and in other news:
King Nixon (3:51:45 PM): *eats your brains*
stgegodess (3:51:56 PM): HA! Jokes on you! I DONT HAVE ANY

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