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switch is open

i don't understand this. i have tihs painful aversion to anything school now, i don't know why. not that i've ever especailly enjoyed homework, but i didnt avoid reading things i liked because they were for class. i'm 5 resopnses behind in american lit now, i've got the reading done for the 1st one as of like a week ago and i still havent written it. 1 page about anything, on something i already read. it'd take like 10 minutes. but i don't do it.
more than that, i'm sick of school. stupid teachers and stupid assignments and i don't know what i'm going to do with any of this, wiht myself, i just feel like i'm wasting my time and my parents' money. but what else would i do with myself, work at cumbys forever?
or maybe this is just stupid. i think that's it.

i think i need a reason to care.

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