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their site wasn't very informative, but according to the articles they link to, it turns out the fightin' whites aren't intentionally funny after all, but are in fact easily-offended PC people whose strategy backfired by being really funny. oh well.

i'm just about ready to ditch winamp. it crashes all the frikking time now, and when it does i have to reboot to make it let go of my soundcard. it does this all the time, so i thought to myself "hey, maybe there's something about that at their site." there wasn't of coures, but there was a new version of winamp out. winamp is set to inform me when new versions come out, whcih it decided not to do after all, i guess. but anyway, i get the new one, thinking it might work better. an hour later, it twitches and my comp reboots itself. yay.

in other news, all customers must die. diediedie. this was a very aggravating day at work. so many stupid people. after getting sick of everyone trying to pay with 100$ bills, which i do NOT have the change for, and they all get surprised and offended when i inform them of this and usually storm out with all the stuff they were gonna buy left on teh counter for me to put away, so i taped a sign to the register saying Anyone paying with a $100 will be punched. --disgruntled employee and no one else tried (i doubt the sign had anything to do with this, but yay anyway). chris thought it was hilarious and said he'd leave it up for his shift, so hopefully it'll still be there when tami the manager comes in in the morning. i almost laughed in some old guy's face, when he coudln't seem to locate the two pens sitting RIGHT ON THE COUNTER IN FRONT OF HIM DAMMIT and was trying to find something to sign the cc slip with, and started trying to remove one of hte wooden pegs in the cookie display. i didn't feel like putting it back together, so at this point i pointed out the pens to him. oh, and some guy exploded a milk jug on the counter. mmm.
on a less stupid and more evil note, i had 4 drive-offs today. the 1st one, i think the lady just forgot, she didn't look too sneaky as she drove away trying to keep her kid still with one hand. i didn't see the next 2 at all. the last one was actually pretty ballsy, i'd be impressed if it wasn't my fourth of the day and i wanted to fight him. but (i assume) to keep me from noticing when he was driving off, he didn't put the handle back up that'd make my computer go ping to let me know he was done, he just put the nozzle thing off to the side and left the handle down. i just happened to be looking out the window when he tore out of the parking lot

welcome back billiam

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