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well whatta ya know, exactly 1 month ago today i started using this here journal thingy. neat.
it's damn hot in my room right now. i was just packing up me stuffs to go home, whcih i'll start doing as soon as this is sent. i'm bringing some stuff home today, coming back tomorrow evening, then heading home again tuesday or wednesday or such. i've survived one year of college. wow. and i still don't feel old, aren't college kids supposed to be old? i'm going ot be 20 in less than a year, i don't think i've realized that yet. we'll see..
i was going to say something else but i've forgotten now. bother.
anyway, so i'm off. i'll have a biggish entry probably monday, i think, to let all my devoted fans know what i've been up to. actually, it's so i have it written down. i was just thinking about this - this is a fairly complete record of my life at the moment. i can look at this a year from now and know what i was up to today, what i was thinking. that's interesting, a record of dan's life. i hadn't really considered that before, i was mostly thinking of this as just somewhere to ramble about whatever, when i was so inclined, then it was just a journal cuz it was. i like this thing.
anyway, off i go. hope you all have wonderful weekends

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