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i'm super josh danger monkey elephant, who is a giraffe! moo!

message on my voicemail, from some mike guy, who apparently is the head of saferides (for y'all non-unh-ers, that's the group who drives drunk people around so they don't kill stuff). he says that me or someone from my number got a ride from them thursday night and he wanted to know if i'd seen anything strange going on.

now, first of all
i was at aegis thursday night. i wasn't off drinking anywhere. i didn't, and never have in fact, called saferides.

me or someone from my number? do they have callerID keeping track of that, or do you have to give a number when you call? either way, didn't htey get a name of whoever called? if they take your number, privacy isn't much concern anyway. and who the hell is calling drunk to get a ride from my phone while i'm not here?

and lastly
what strange things would i have seen? i would assume he means in the process of being saferidden, cuz why would he care if i saw something at another time. why are strange things happening on saferides?

and the computer guy left a msg that he had new information about audiogalaxy, cuz i'd asked about that awhile ago. but the msg was like a week ago, and i forgot to call him back, and the phone thingy was kind enough to delete it for me without me telling it to. so i guess i'll never know. assuming i don't still have his number somewhere, but i think i threw it out

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