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i don't know if there's any fees for it or whatever, probably, but i've considered just sticking my name on the nh congressional ballot. i figure, esp in a state election, a lot of people don't really read who they're voting for, and nh has the biggest house of reps in the world, except for the us congress, and my last name will put me near the end of the list, so i'll be noticed or something. maybe sign up as a republican just to get all the "oh, well he MUST be good, then!" people

furthermore, i'll point out there was a guy last year who did just that - signed up with the republican party, and got elected to nh house of reps, despite being the furthest thing from republican. i'd had the idea of running before him, but not of abusing the party system. of course, it shoudl be noted that the guy, whose name i forget now sadly, was a raving loon who advocated killing cops, among other things. tho he did have a good drug policy, and supported youth rights. so, ya know.. (i talked to him on nh.general a few times before the wingnuts that hang out there chased him out)

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