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so i know i have some readers in support.. - here is where i live — LiveJournal

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April 8th, 2002

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03:26 am - so i know i have some readers in support..
.. do any of you know what's going on with this? or this, for that matter. mmm abuse of power ok that was uncalled for until we know what the hell happened

i haven't listened to this cd in so long. oh my kula shaker

oh i seen 'im, man, looked me right in the face!
np: Kula Shaker - Grateful When You're Dead/Jerry Was There

(8 shots upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:April 8th, 2002 12:31 am (UTC)
Given that the second suspension happened this morning, I think it's a bit quick for the maintainer to jump up and down and start screaming.. if there was something on that community that required its immediate (and not necessarily permanent) removal, they may have had to act immediately. all sorts of scary legal things or whatever could be involved.. the matter is, however, private--we can't gossip about that sort of thing in support, and abuse is a private category anyway.

as far as the first goes, it's a bit muddy.. i dunno that the full side of either story is really explained.. if the guy did willingly go in and change stuff in a community he wasn't sposed to after a previous run-in with abuse, then they may be justified. i have no idea what happened there, and i imagine that in the public forum, these things are going to be skewed. i will tell you that abuse isn't as easily abused as a lot of people probly think.. and the volunteers there that people bitch about don't have, that i know of, a personal ability to suspend accounts. there are a couple of people who do that, and so there is some accountability.

knowing a few people on the abuse team, it does bother me when people start to personally start throwing insults around.. and if they want paid professionals, perhaps they should be supporting increased costs to allow for that. this is a bloody community, and hardly a business..
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Date:April 8th, 2002 12:40 am (UTC)
well since htey haven't said anything - and i understand theyre not allowed to - all i have to go on is what he's said happened, which is that they punished him for something without telling him how they were doing so, he violated this punishment he wasnt aware of, and lost the community because of this. then he lost his personal journal for disrespecting livejournal.
and don't say this isn't a business. they have customers who pay to use the service. hell, i paid 100 bucks to hang around the joint. if they suspected me and refused to say why (which seems to be what happened to nakedparts2, a paid community, until everyone started complaining), i'd be pretty pissed.
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Date:April 8th, 2002 12:55 am (UTC)
paid accounts have always been considered a contribution first, and everything else second. of the people actually getting paid at LJ, i don't think any of them are making a killer wage. people i've talked to in abuse have opposed the sale of permanent accounts because of people who buy one and feel they are above the rules.

nakedparts2 was suspended this morning. it's far too early to claim that the maintainer will not get an explanation. we have no idea what the circumstances are there, and as i said, if it had to be taken down in some sort of emergency situation, give them some time to write up a letter to the guy.

what the other guy said may be true, but it may not be, either.. and that's why it's really difficult to get into an argument about this.. if you're going to, consider both sides, and don't assume that the guy telling the story isn't full of shit, because he might well be. i don't even deal directly in abuse at work, but i've seen all sorts of made up crap from people, and i've had customers even try to get me into trouble--like the guy who complained about me because i would not help him weed out broken addresses in a spam email he wanted to send to a bunch of people. abuse is going to look like the bad guy because they can't defend themselves publicly, and some people posting abuse 'horror stories' know that quite well, and will take advantage. a similar thing recently happened with a complete ass who was thrown out, and was harassing people all over the place. him and his friends are still causing problems for people here through anonymous commenting and such, yet if you were to listen to their story, LJ abuse completely fucked them over. if what this guy is saying is true, and he was not notified of the restrictions he later broke, it's at the very least a breakdown in communication by LJ abuse, and yes, even possibly maliciousness. but i really find it hard to believe that the entire abuse team would be in collusion with this, and that brad (who, oddly enough, has abuse privs), would let people be fucked over like that. but who knows, it could happen..

honestly, i wouldn't be surprised if people have been fucked over before.. it happens.. in any situation like this where people have to make judgment calls, and they're human, you're bound to have things mess up on occasion. i think that if there were(/are) major problems with abuse, someone's going to notice. i have no problem with people airing their beefs like this, but you have to take it with a grain of salt, unless you don't give a damn about who you hurt in the process.

and i'm tired, so blah if i should read this over, i'm goin to bed. 'night.

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