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superfunamazinglyrictacular birthdaypants

so i got a big exciting birthday card from most of my dorm. it rules :] it's a shame i wasnt at the meeting to get it, but khaek brought it over later. it makes me all happylike. thank you, woodruff people!

oh - sorry amy.. i downloaded a bunch the other day, and i'm now officially a thursday fan

i wonder if i'll get my paper done for class tomorrow. we'll find out! thankfully the one due wednesday has been pushed back til monday, so i won't have to not sleep 2 nights in a row. slackity slack slack.

and as per last year, my parents ordered me a birthday cake from philbrook. and as per last year, it's not a particularly good cake. but that's besides the point. cake! whee! i was singsonging on the way back from picking it up.. "cake cake cake for me, i have cake for dan, cake for me, i have cake, i am dan with cake"etc. there are few better ways to pointlessly amuse yourself than by singsonging.

and another person was revealed to be reading my journal, but not commenting, so as to be not known. there seems to be a lot of you out there. everyone reading this, say something!

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