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April 12th, 2001

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01:37 pm - emo-ness
ShnitzelGal (1:32:29 PM): woody's now an emo kid, with his new online journal.. sigh...
King Nixon (1:32:55 PM): i am not emo!
King Nixon (1:32:58 PM): i just wanted a journal
King Nixon (1:32:59 PM): hmph
ShnitzelGal (1:33:01 PM): riiiiight,,
King Nixon (1:33:05 PM): :-P
King Nixon (1:33:11 PM): don't make me kick you
ShnitzelGal (1:33:25 PM): emo kids dont believe in violence
ShnitzelGal (1:33:33 PM): i will kick you in the shin.
ShnitzelGal (1:33:36 PM): thats my specialty
ShnitzelGal (1:33:40 PM): im tuff
King Nixon (1:33:41 PM): which is exactly why i'm not emo
King Nixon (1:33:46 PM): hehe your kicks are cute
ShnitzelGal (1:33:50 PM): eh
ShnitzelGal (1:34:00 PM): i am going to eat my oatmeal now..
ShnitzelGal (1:34:06 PM): thats kinda emo, i guess,,
ShnitzelGal (1:34:09 PM): byee woody:-)
King Nixon (1:34:26 PM): haha more emo than me. i'll go eat raw pigeons or something

[note to jess, should she read this: i'm not actually planning to eat pigeons]
state: amusedamused
np: Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight

(en garde!)

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