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what are you talking about? rejection fucking rules.


they're doing some unexplained construction work outside my dorm. they've blocked off 5 spots in the forestparkistan parking lot, for no apparent reason, adn they have a whatchamacallit construction truck thing digging the hell out of the woods, apparently to make a giant dirt pile. maybe they're going to dump the dirt in the parking spots. it woudln't make any less sense than what htey're doing now. anyawy tho, the point of me mentioning this is that approximately every 20 seconds, the cnstruction truck thing makes the most ANNOYING SOUND EVER, which i can only compare to an elephant being scraped down a blackboard. this fucking irritating whiney noise. oh yeah, and its "i am backing up, so all you people behind me IN THE DAMN WOODS WHERE NO ONE IS ANYWHERE NEAR IT had better get out of the way" siren keeps going off too. i feel bad for all the lower quad people who have to listen to this every day

this is one of those days where i have to lock my door to keep the wind from blowing it open.

new plan: pass by lying. it's easier this way. maybe i should get lunch.

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