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i can't think of a good subject :-[

this sums up the main event i am announcing tonite:

and with that out of the way..

on 2nd thought, i'm snipping this here, cuz it's a wicked long entry and i'll spare you. but i know you're all cool and will follow the link to read it all, right?

well, friday was fun. went to the crazy acapella thing down in salem with lauri - five o'clock shadow. they're ridiculous. all their own songs are total boyband songs, but they did a buncha covers whcih were awesome - they did tonic "if you could only see", cake "never there", and um.. laur, what else, i forget? - and were fairly amusing. it was so impressive tho, the way they did eveyrthing.. it was all acapella, and they were doing whole songs, like one guy sings each instrument and whatnot. gee. the one guy who did both percussion and the basslines was frikkin insane! he had a normal mic for the drum stuff that he did with his mouth, and like 3 more around his neck to pick up vibrations or whatever for the bass. crazy. half the show was just him soloing cuz he was the most talented one. kinda sucked that he never got to do anything else tho - the other 4 guys did all sorts of random instruments and the lyrics part and shit, and he was doing drums and bass the whole time. o well. and he looked sorta like ken huddleston which is always a plus. so after that, and after lauri teenybopped around getting all their signatures and being insane, we rented fight club. she'd never seen it, it was like my 4th time or so. but whatever, that movie rules. and cuz it was dvd we got all the fun extras (see mel, you were right). minus all the fun extras which were on the part of the dvd which was defective, and would freeze up the stupid thing. so we didn't get to see all of 'em. fnarr.
most of saturday i think i just puttered around. if i did anything at all noteworthy i no longer remember it. anyway, after all that excitement, at some point in the evening i started packign up my stuff. i got a goodly amount of it jammed into various bags and my suitcase, and schlepped some stuff home. o yeah! before i left, i watched tv for awhile in the lounge with the woodruff loungemonkies - briann, kevin - and whoever else wandered thru - brette, aly, art, brian i think - we watched amusing things. i seem to remember watching snl but i was already home when that should've been on so i must have seen that a different day. nonetheless i will tlak about it. i only watched a moment cuz it was lame, but they had 1 great skit: jebediah's junction, or something like that. it was a kid's show, with tim whatshisname the token black guy as host, and the 3 characters Umberto Unity, [some name starting wiht c] Caring, and [some name starting with k] Kindness. they each had the appropriate letter on their shirts. the point of the show was htey had made a new friend: Frank Friendliness. now what does that all spell out, children? yes. so the point of hte skit was the host trying desperately to keep htem from spelling out FUCK, as they all blithely go about being friendly and kids-show-ish and doing just that. it was very amusing. but anyway, i was talking about stuff i watched that nite: SUPERMAN CARTOONS!! they friggin ruled. it was on cartoon network, they were so oldskool, each episode lasted like 10 minutes and they were drawn like the cool old superman comics and made no sense at all, cuz they had zero plot. but they ruled anyway.
so yeah, i go home, get there at like midnite and my mom is up. so i talk to her for a bit, unpack my stuffs (by which i mean drop my bags in my room, not actually unpack them) eat a sandwich and watch tv. i was randomly flipping thru looking for something i could watch while i ate, adn found an episode of that new 'outer limits' show. it was lame but kinda neat, tho it was an hour long which was longer than i had planned to be up. also it was to be continued, so i never got to find out whta happened. damn all. and then i was too sedate to get up so i watched something else for a half hour adn don't even remember what it was. hurrah.
sunday, being mothers day, the widrew family went out for lunch. this made sense at the time. anyway, heretofore mothers day was not going up to par as my mom still insisted on doing her motherly chores. so we went to la carreta, this mexican place. last time i was there, being the only time i had been there, i didn't like it, but she wanted to go there and it was her day so okie doke. it wasn't bad this time. i got a burrito and enchilada (they turn out to be exactly the same only the enchilada was smaller. quite yummy tho) and chili rileno which was some sort of green yuk. i did not eat most of my green yuk. then for desert i got mexican fried dough which is like normal fried dough only flatter. then we went home and i attempted to get all the stuff i had newly transported back home into some kind of order. before long i gave up and just piled it all on the floor. oh well. then back to school i goed. i don't remember what happened when i got back but at some point i ended up at the triple, which contained 1 biggie. soon enough it also contained a dave. and some other folks who i forget. we went to the mub for foods and met smitty, got foods (they were out of bagels! death!), went back and learned us some myth. at the time we didn't seem to be doing a very good job of it as we were all halfconscious and didn't know squat. but the test didn't seem too tough so i guess it sunk in after all. yay. i love that godbout remembers stuff better than we do and he's not in the class. go ben go. so yeah, monday, being today, followed sunday, being yesterday. went to the last pre-myth lunch with biggie dave and heron (i got there late cuz i rule, so had to eat quickly. which i can do when necesary,beleive it or not) which sadly was in upper hud cuz lower was closed. so we didn't get to see ken. i gave jess my french book cuz i'm just nice and all and damned if i'm ever going to use that again. as i said, myth not too tough. trzaskoma wasn't up to par with his E answers, but i guess by the end of hte year it's bottom of hte barrel stuff.
after that, i lounged around all day. in nastassia/laura's room for awhile, my room awhile, lounge awhile, triple longer while - con air was speed with less plot, i think - back here again. yay. nothing to note. oh, my prose teacher didn't have my portfolio there like she was sposed to. hopefully it's there tomorrow so i can see how much she hated it. groovy. oh yeah, and i did heron's lil art experiment thing. dan can arrange labelled pieces of paper! hooray for dan! it was kinda neat actually, just lots of random - some very random - things, whcih i had to file into catagories of my choosing. and i got to sit on the floor of her room for a half hour, shoudl any of you be looking for a good excuse to do that.
there is really no reason for anyone to want to know this much about my life.

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