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April 12th, 2002

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05:03 am - tiredtired
used space: 17.2gb
free space: 1.72gb
it's all in the decimals!

so you said it wasn't right
and it's nothing to write home about
well if it's no fun, why do it at all?

easily amused?
http://www.hamsterlove.com/ as supplied by wang

the "everything is ok" message on gnutella.com isn't there anymore. that's disapointing, i used to look at it sometimes

still haven't DONE SHIT FOR ANYTHING. OH THE LAZY FUCKTITUDE. i feel like, i think, laura did last year.. yeah i wanna get shit done and be on top of everything, but it's so much easier not to. sleep feels nice.

winamp crashed 4 times today. and for some reason when it does, it fucks up a lot of other stuff. animated stuff only animates when i'm doing something.. moving hte mouse or typing (so like, stuff flashing on the taskbar or the lil spinny ie symbol when a page is loading), and when i click the scrolly arrows with the mouse, it moves once then stops, even when i hold it down. the scrolly wheel stops working properly in outlook. other fun shit. the same stuff happens when ie crashes, which is much less often. none of this ever used to happen.. of course, winamp didnt use to crash 10 times a fucking day. is my computer permanently screwed? already did the whole 'reinstall everything' route. all i can think else to do is back up all my shit and fully reformat, if thatd help. but what a pain in the ass

i need to get around to properly backing everything up. it's only a matter of time til this irrepairably blows

i've felt really shitty lately. physically/mentally/emotionally. lots of fun. and i know there's no reason for it, which doesnt help a bit, because i am Fully Functional

everything rules
state: shitty
np: ...and guppies eat their young. - "elephant dong: big cock in the big top"

(1 shot upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:April 12th, 2002 08:19 am (UTC)
hee, you are on to some wang

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