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break me with desire

so... that paper that i had due tuesday that my alarm didnt go off to write.. obviously i did not finish it in time. i woulda skipped class to keep writing and bring it in late like i did last time, but i had to present that day[will be explained momentarily], so coudlnt do that. so i went in sans paper, feeling dumb. i got there like a minute late, and when i walked in he was talkin about how the papers won't be due for another week. i didnt hear why and dont really care. another week! so i went yay cuz i wasnt late after all. of course, i still havent started it, or done more reading, or started the other paper due monday (which i just discovered i lost the book i have to write about, when i actually decided to start it, so hopefully that's all online somewhere. probably is). fuck me.
but anyway... so the presentation. in that class - american lit - everyone has to present something related in some fashion to what we've discussed in class. it can be a clip from a movie, a poem, just talking about something, whatever. i talked about the fighting whites. usually presentations go for like 5-10 minutes, depending on if anyone has comments/questions or not. mine sparked a huge debate on whether stuff like that is racsist and what to do if it is and so forth, and it went for THE ENTIRE CLASS. the class being 1 1/2 hours long. we had maybe 5 minutes left at the end for him to real quickly go over the reading. i friggin rule, yeah for wasting class time! of course, half the class thinks i'm a racist fuck now, but i dont care. and it turned out world civ started up again that day, and not thursday as me and nastassia thought, so we both missed the 1st class we've had in world civ for a week and a half. oops
the next day, for the SECOND DAY IN A ROW, i set my alarm, checked to make sure i had it right, and then apparenty forgot to turn it on. so i woke up at 1:30 and decided not to bother goin to the rest of my linguistics class whcih started at 1. i randomly talked to dave that night about bein depressed and stuff, which was nice, even if his advice wasnt very helpful
thursday, met people for lunch, most of whom i havent seen in rather awhile. that was fun. aegis was cancelled for lack of anythign to do. i was in nastassia/heron's room til 1ish, watching se7en and then trashy mtv springbreak shows (oh making fun of crappy people on dismissed). whee.
today i didnt do anything. andy moshed me and learned to flip. ran into steph leblanc outside the mub and chatted the chit for awhile. visited joanne. watched my brazil dvd. mmm. that movie is amazing. i'd forgotten how sad it is tho. next i have to watch the 'love conquers all' studio crap version and compare. stupid dorm dvdplayer remote is missing, so all you can do is play the main feature on each disc. can't get to any of the extras. ah well.

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