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random thoughts i've had between last night and now. so the tense lies, these all happened in the past

again i miss adult swim, cuz people are watchin a movie. the crow. which normally i'd watch, cuz it rules, but i'm not in the mood.

i don't get my computer. it has approx 1.4gig free. i delete a gig of stuff. it has 1.4gig free. jamie sends me a bunch of mp3s. it has 1.44gig free.

deep purple, the scorpions, and dio are playing a show in manch, sometime or another. oh scorpions, how you do rock

played the electric awhile while i was home. ya know, as much as i like my acoustic guitar, there is just nothing better than some bigass drop-d chord cranked up with a ton of distortion. damn.
and i wrote some of a new song this weekend. it's somewhere between butthole surfers[1] and andrew wk, cept that they're both good and i'm not.

[1] i just looked up the lyrics to "shame of life" cuz it's the best song ever. holy shit does this not make any sense. like, even for them. man.

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