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i'm tuff with lotsa f's! --andy

o man... so around 11:15, i decide i'm gonna nap before i start my paper, because i'm EXHAUSTED. i set my alarm for 2am. a little past 1, i wake up with a terrible headache. it's boiling hot in my room. i sit up to open the window more, try to cool it down, and get kinda nausious. so i take a motrin and go back to bed. and now i feel just fine. cept for still tired, but not as much.
paper due in: 10 hours.

If i was a serial killer i would be Charles Manson.

Charles Manson... the only serial killer that faces life in prison, yet never actually killed anyone.

Manson believed that by starting a cult, and manipulating his followers with drugs and mental suggestion he would get them to think he was the next messiah, and force them into doing anything he said, he was right.

One night in the Hollywood hills, Manson set out his minions to attack the home of the head of a record label that rejected his work years back. That night they murdered 5 people one of which was Sharon Tate who was also eight months pregnant at the time. Shooting and stabbing their victims repeatedly and smearing the words "Die Pig Die", and "Helter Skelter" over the walls.

Manson thought that by doing these killings that it would start a race war between blacks and whites. He also believed that the Beatles wrote many of their songs for and about him.

kill count: 5

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