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we can bleed together

i gave blood today! i am proud. last time i did it, i gave platelets, whcih took like 90 minutes to do and was a big pain in the ass (well, in the arms). this was all speedylike. i asked the guy if they brought the platelet machine thingy when they do blood drives, seeing as i was told last time that they need platelets more than straight blood, cuz people give it so much less often and etc. he said no, cuz they can actually seperate it in teh labs to get whatever blood bits they need. so why the hell do they have a machine to just extract the platelets? i asked him that and his answer made no sense at all. so yeah.
and steph leblanc was there, but she was multitasking and spent the whole time studying for calc2.
you get stickers when you give blood. they had a buncha different ones, but the old lady at the table pointed out the hug me i donated blood today one and said how there's lots of cute girls around. haha thanks crazy old lady! but the sticker hasnt worked very well, i only got 1 hug out of it

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