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linguistics. i missed like 3 of 4 classes somehow, and i'm all behind now cuz i have no idea what's going on. i may have to consult the textbook and see what the hell we're doing. i've managed to avoid that so far, cuz it's dry and boring and horrible, and i can learn what we're doing from being in class, but i'm all sorts of confused now.
hung out with heron tonight. that was really cool. i hang out with her and nastassia a lot, but this was the 1st time just her since probably last year (school year. ha, i still think of years as being when i'm in school). nastassia was at her witch group, whcih we went to for awhile but it was godawful boring. they were supposedly discussing ethics tonight, but everyone was just babbling about whatever, adn joe was in fullscale babble mode. which is scary, cuz him normal is most people babbling. he is a weird kid. so we went back to her room adn talked for a few hours, it was good. then J was calling so i left, planning to hit up philbrook and come back here. but people were in the quad, so i was tehre for awhile. then everyone left and philbrook was long closed, so i went to dhop. so greasy, but mmm, esp when youre hungry. now i'm really thirsty tho
apparently geoff is buying me a vagina shirt. oh baby.
and i saw steph leblanc at least 4 times today. and jess twice (she gave me a [late] birthday card! she is the best!). everyone is magically appearing, it's great

hey, it's raining. thatll teach it to be 92 degrees out (and then randomly drop 30 degrees in the span of maybe 15 minutes).

i think i've been shirking some of my friends - i know i have. i'm going to stop that.

if i don't get some american lit stuff done this weekend, murder me. i'm so serious.

i miss you.

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