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oldskool sarcasm

here's a quote from the iliad (5:672-678):

antilochus sprang, he plunged a sword in his temple
and mydon, gasping, hurling from his bolted car facefirst,
head and shoulders stuck in a dune a good long time
for the sand was soft and deep - his lucky day -
till his own horses trampled him down, down flat

yep, his lucky day all right..

anyway, so today was friendly. that's the best word for it i think. i didn't do a whole helluva lot but dick around and read and study and aegis and eat, but everyone was cool today. people rock. thank you all for rocking.
i could go into more detail of my boring day, but why bother? i'm going to be up frikkin late tonite, getting stuff done, i think. when do we hafta go get our advisors to sign off on our classes? i know monday is something, it's either that or registration day. i'm hoping that, so i have more time to deal with that, cuz i'm still not entirely sure what i wanna do. bar bar bar[1].

[1] yeah, so y'all don't think i'm a lush, 'bar bar' aside from being a place of happy beverage dispursal, is apparently the ancient greek equivalent of "blah blah". hence bar-bar-ians.[2] [3]

[2] it was about time a footnote got into my journal, i think. viva la footnote!

[3] your learnin' for the day. thank me later.

oh yeah, i've decided a truly good french fry really does need to be at least 70% grease. mmm artery clogging joy.

why do people assume that when i'm in my room, i'm required to answer IMs even if i have an away msg up? i reserve the right to be doing other things when i so choose, thanks.

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