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and now it's time to say
what i forgot to say: baby
baby baby, come on, what's wrong?

one critique of the others.. it's one of those movies that keeps the viewers in the dark by cutting away whenever something is going to be revealed. sometimes it's welldone, but more often it just pisses me off. if the only way you can keep it mysterious is to go to the next scene as soon as a character says "well, here's the secret..." then you're not doing your job very well. tho it does do the job very well, so yeah. that still pissed me off a few times

yeah, pretty much

i did much american lit reading today, followed by making headway of what classes i want for next year (since tomorrow is when you can start getting slips for permission classes).
the possible plan is:
fiction (again, NOT with denman)
biotechnology (for the gen ed, but it sounds really cool. looks at genetic engineering, cloning, etc and how they could effect things. legal, ethical, so forth. doesnt sound too heavily sciency, whcih is good, cuz bio hates me)
world englishes (how english is spoken/learned/used/evolved differently everywhere in teh world it is a native language, and probly some on where it's not native)
and then class number the fourth. the short list is: sociolinguistics, milton, or prose/poetry of the elizabethan period.
and if i can, i'm thinkin of taking the science fiction inco as pass/fail. cuz science fiction is the shiznit.
we'll see.

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