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i registered for classes today. my schedule for next semester doth be as follows:

biotechnology and society -- MWF 12-1
world englishes -- W 4-6:30
milton -- TR 11-12:30 [oh no, a class before noon! :( ]
essay writing -- MW 2:30-4 [as taught by meredith hall. yay!]

not too shabby
so i don't have fridays off anymore. and a class before noon twice a week and at noon the rest of the time. that'll cramp my style, yo. but no more of this classes til 5:30 and 6:30 every day crap, like i have now. that'll be cool

in other news, i dont know what's up with atom and his package. that's today at bates college. but as was discovered yesterday, you have to be a student to go. then last night either gill or emily said they know someone there who could maybe get us tickets. and today no one who was gonna go is around. la.

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