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man, all the good songs have been written already. [i was listening… - here is where i live

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April 30th, 2002

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03:17 am
man, all the good songs have been written already. [i was listening to elton john "your song" when i stated said statement]

First grade teacher's name: mrs ..um..... o shit, i can't remmeber. i've been to her house, even. mrs kinepple! that's it. i bet i'm spelling it wrong tho
Last word you said: aloud? o man.. "bye" i think. to lauri
Last song you sang: bosstones "someday i suppose"

What's in your CD player: U2 - achtung baby / all that you can't leave behind
What color socks are you wearing: white. the right one has yellow toe area. they don't match!
What's under your bed: cds, discman, cd cleaning thingy, belt, socks, a book, clothes, suitcase, a metal hoop, and a closet.
What time did you wake up today: i never actually went to sleep per se, took a couple 2 hour naps in between reading stupid book for stupid class stupid stupid

Where do you want to go: wherever
What is your career going to be: writer or rockstar or something more mundane and likely
Where are you going to live: hopefully somewhere near but not in a big city
How many kids do you want: x>0. i'd say 2, maybe 3 if theyre not evil, but overpopulation and society suckification is bad. but zero is not an option.
What kind of car will you have: in the future? a flying car!! the delorian, even

Current mood: frustrated
Current music: none. winamp crashed again
Current taste: vague aftertaste of frozen coke
Current hair: messy
Current clothes: crazy colorful fruity patterned shirt i got from renny. brown pants. socks as discussed above. tan boxers. watch and glasses.
Current annoyance: responsibility
Current smell: nothing in particular. it's a lil stuffy in here
Current longing: having no expectations on me
Current desktop picture: danlovins.bmp from mel
Current favorite artist: paintings kinda artist? henri rouseau, i guess
Current book: currently reading? explain your questions better, dammit! not counting for classes, that'd be "house of leaves" which i havent even looked at in months so i've porbably forgotten everything that was going on. oh, and "idylls of the king" which i want to read the rest of.
Current color of toenails: toenail colored
Current worry: if i'll get everything done
Current crush: dara
Current time-wasting wish: wha? i dunno, i'd kinda like to go for a drive
Current hate: some aspects of my personality
state: discontentdiscontent
np: grr

(en garde!)

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