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all in all, a good day

so you may remember i was having issues with market plaza and capitalone awhile ago. the long story short, they eventually refunded my 70 bucks, and just today my free discman came! yay! i'd link you to the post where i explained all that in length, but that would mean i'd have to find it. so suffer in your ignorance
Hotdog Stan (3:24:01 AM): Heh. Like how i got a free discman for getting a creditcard. What kind is yours?
King Nixon (3:24:10 AM): yeah kinda like that, heh
King Nixon (3:24:18 AM): it's a jwin!
King Nixon (3:24:25 AM): hee
Hotdog Stan (3:24:58 AM): Jwin? Um, a what?
King Nixon (3:25:02 AM): *cries* i just looked on google to see if jwin has a site, cuz i've never heard of them
King Nixon (3:25:07 AM): apparently it stands for Just WHat I Need
Hotdog Stan (3:25:12 AM): Yes?
King Nixon (3:25:13 AM): i dont konw if i want this anymore..
Hotdog Stan (3:25:16 AM): Oh god
Hotdog Stan (3:25:20 AM): Hee
Hotdog Stan (3:25:28 AM): Is it better than my old discman?
King Nixon (3:25:44 AM): o wait, nevermind. that site was apparently an entirely different thing called jwin

at aegis tonight, i was the 1st person to get there (sorta.. steve and someone else's stuff was already there, but they werent around when i showed up and didnt appear til like 20 min later). anywayz tho, steve's cd booklet was there because.. eh, nuts to typing. cutpaste!
King Nixon (3:56:30 AM): at aegis tonite, steve had the strokes cd with him
King Nixon (3:56:33 AM): me: i want!
King Nixon (3:56:38 AM): him: *burns me a copy*
King Nixon (3:57:28 AM): hee, we got the school to buy us a new computer cuz the old one sucked, and steve convinced them that we needed a cd burner on there (which actually does make some stuff easier, but we by no means needed it) so he could burn cds for himself
King Nixon (3:57:44 AM): it also has a dvd player, as i discovered today. so i'm going to go make use of that, since art took his dvd player back

it's a good cd! "last nite" is the best song tho

anyway tho, so the new aegis came out today (well apparnetly it showed up tuesday, but i didn't find out til today). it looks good! and for those who forgot, my two poems are in it. cuz i rule and stuff.

after aegis was the free advance showing thingy for insomnia. i got there at 8 (it started at 9, but they said show up early cuz only the first 200 people get in), and there was a massive line of doom. thankfully, i spotted vanessa nearer the front than i, and went to join her.
the movie was excellent, except that the end ruined the entire thing for me. (that happens a lot: endings are very important). it was all good, and then at the end suddenly it got very predictable and they had to tie it all up nice action style. abstrads. still worth seeing though. and a fun choice of bad guy, if you havne't seen any ads. heh

talked to vanessa for awhile, then came back here. people were watching tv, so i sat down with em to eat my sub in company. somehow reservoir dogs came up and gill's never seen it, so jordan ran up to get it and we watched. yay good movie!

i can't decide what to do tomorrow night: go to spiderman or to rocky horror. decisionsssss

"What really flatters a man is that you think him worth flattering" -George Bernard Shaw

i completely forgot to mention this.. the other day, walking back to my dorm from hamsmith, there were these three kids - maybe 12 each - who, every time someone walked by, would pick a daisy and run up to them "do you want a flower?" it was sweet, but so odd. so they gave me one, i decided i'd give it to the first person i saw who i knew. but i forgot it at philly. so some lucky person found my daisy sitting on a table

i think something else cool happened today, but i can't remember what
o wait! yeah. whilst killing time before western civ, i ran into laura in teh mub, and we played pool for an hour. it was fun. we suck at pool

and now, the sleeping

ps: a cookie to whoever knows where my userpic came from

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